Metal Fabrication Since 1967 Stamford CT

A&E Manufacturing, a sheet metal fabricator/manufacturer, has been proudly serving manufacturing customers in Stamford CT since 1967. Equipped with a cutting edge production facility A&E offers precision fabrication, prototyping, CAD/CAM, CNC, laser cutting, welding and sheet metal finishing services.

Sheet metal fabrication for Stamford CT

A&E’s expert in-house staff fabricates sheet metal components and assemblies used by the computer, electronics, medical, telecommunications and transportation industries. The custom sheet metal fabrication shop blends cutting edge technology with Old World craftsmanship to deliver quality and reliable solutions to Stamford CT customers on time.

Sheet metal fabrication prototyping for Stamford CT

A&E’s highly trained prototyping team delivers the highest quality sheet metal prototypes on-time and on-spec, every time. To meet Stamford CT sheet metal fabrication prototype customers’ quick turnaround and quality requirements, our team uses bar-coded shop travelers, an ISO compliant quality system, skilled craftsmen as well as a vast array of in-house capabilities such as CAD/CAM, a paint shop, silkscreening, plating, laser cutting, and CNC punch presses.

CAD/CAM for Stamford CT

A&E offers Stamford CT customers full fabrication CAD/CAM capabilities to import and unfold 3D files from designs built in Solid Works, Pro/E and AutoDesk Inventor. Using fabrication CAD/CAM software reduces potential mistakes and ensures the fastest turnaround possible of precision sheet metal fabrication components, assemblies and prototypes.

CNC punching, laser/turret, forming for Stamford CT

A&E consistently delivers ISO compliant sheet metal fabrication products to Stamford CT customers using CNC punching turret presses, a freestanding laser, laser/turret combination machines and a variety of CNC sheet metal forming machines.

Welding/spot-welding for Stamford CT

A&E offers TIG and MIG welding and spot welding of cold roll steel, aluminum and stainless steel parts in the fabrication process. A&E ‘s very experienced spot welding department includes 9 different spot welding machines offering welding capabilities up to 250 inches thick.

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