Sheet Metal Fabrication: Prototyping to Product


custom sheet metal enclosure

A custom sheet metal enclosure

Sheet metal prototyping affords engineers and project managers the ability to test their product and design prior to any manufacturing. During prototyping, they can learn about potential manufacturing inefficiencies that can cost tens of thousands of dollars on short runs and many more times more during full-scale production. A&E Manufacturing has more than 45 years of experience working with companies to produce the first pieces of their product with a streamlined sheet metal fabrication processes.

Until It’s Built, No One Will Come

There are multiple steps that come between a client submitting a design and the first part even being sent into production. It is in this first step that we can identify key cost drivers that may not be necessary for a part to meet the overall requirements. The quoting department takes the initial design and decides on the most efficient way to make the part. Using our many years of experience, our quoting department and engineers are able to dissect the part submitted and give suggestions on how to better design the part for a more cost effective production run. From shearing the material, to cutting out the initial piece with our CNC laser cutting machines or CNC Turrett Presses, to any forming done on our CNC brakes, spot welding, and the finishing of the product. All processes are taken into account and our years of experience are used to help our customers have a successful prototyping run. Continue Reading Sheet Metal Fabrication: Prototyping to Product

Sheet Metal Fabrication Prototyping Benefits Throughout The Project Lifecycle

When engineers and project designers get started, it comes from a few sketches of a potential product or a device onto the favored CAD program. After that, though, a good model using sheet metal fabrication prototyping can play a key role in moving from sketch to sales display or purchase order

The Internal Buy-In StageSheet metal fabrication-prototypes

Coming up with an idea is one thing, but convincing executives to sign off on further development is critical. Having a few prototypes made up, offers a tangible example of what a team is looking to accomplish and can often make it easier to explain differences and benefits compared to existing devices on the market or that a firm already produces.

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