Why Use an ISO 9001:2008 Compliant Manufacturing Company

IsoCertificateSmallSheet metal manufacturing companies that comply with ISO 9001:2008 standards offer clients and customers a number of benefits that revolve around quality standards, isolating problems and coming up with solutions based on repeatable and proven techniques. While the ISO 9000 series standards can apply to every industry, from software to salmon processing, manufacturing firms that obtain certification can offer guarantees that when they take on a project, it will come out according to its specifications.

An Emphasis on Quality Control

The simplest definition of ISO 9001:2008 standards have a company specifying how it will do something, then testing to see how well it works. In the case of sheet metal fabrication, there can be different steps in terms of sourcing the right materials for specific types of designs to cleaning up and etching pieces.

By making each process into a procedure with specified inputs and steps to complete, it is easy for sheet metal manufacturers to identify any potential problems and eliminate them quickly. In fact, even relatively small differences in tolerances, material quality will be noted because of ongoing documentation efforts. It’s part of a process to ensure that a company is maintaining quality while providing cost-effective services to consumers.

Repeatability and Efficiency

The same benefit of having procedures in place for each aspect of business operations means that a customer can go into a project knowing that a fabrication company will be able to produce the same results, time after time. If engineers see a sample with similar features, they can know that they will be able to obtain pieces with the same hole punches and laser cutting because of the repeatability of procedures and machine usage.

Since those same processes are in place, there is no wasted time in trying to figure out the best possible way to finish a project. Standards experts note that this can reduce the costs to the end user because brainstorming and problem solving has usually been accomplished on an earlier project. To that end, not only are prices often lower than those companies without standardized processes due to less waste and lost productivity, but the final product can be delivered on shorter time frames.

Procedures Are Available to Customers

The main goal of certification is to specify procedures for completing tasks, verifying that they work and then adjusting them if necessary to improve efficiency or accommodate new sheet metal fabrication tools, for example. Still, policies and manuals are put in place so that everyone from the technician to the CEO of the company knows what steps are taken to create enclosures or other sheet metal pieces.

In addition, potential clients can learn why a Bucks County sheet metal fabrication firm makes parts the way it does. They can also be sure that the lowest prices are available because of constant efforts to minimize costs that can be passed on as savings on every project.

Feedback Loops in Place for Customers

Since an ISO 9001:2008 compliant manufacturing company already collects data on performance and fabrication issues for internal audits and reviews, customers can take advantage of those policies. Employees can go back and review the steps taken to form sheet metal components and choosing between laser and punch machines. If there are material issues in the final product, the company can review its purchases and see if there were any differences in what was used.

The ongoing checking that is involved means that sheet metal manufacturing companies that comply with the standard can always fit a customer’s concern into processes that are already in place.

A National Accreditation

Turret Punch Sheet Metal FabricationWhile a company can subscribe to the creation of a quality policy and check its manufacturing, marketing and more against that policy, it does so by choice and does not have to adhere to specific requirements. On the other hand, accreditation for ISO 9001:2008 means that an outside agency has reviewed the processes instituted by a company and ensured that they met them with no issues.

When employees are on the same page, it benefits clients who are looking for quality manufacturing, whether for a run of prototypes or on a larger scale. In addition, the use of an outside assessment ensures that the process is aboveboard and that a sheet metal manufacturer can help consumers on their projects with the CNC turret presses, brake presses and laser cutting equipment that they have available for a variety of tasks.